Shinjuku MYLORD which wants to drop in in JOY! SHINJUKU MYLORD days

  • We are connected directly from the Shinjuku Station south exit!
We shop easily because of rain♪

  • We are available in various ways!
Restaurant & cafe
(doing business until 23:00)

  • Using "OP card,"
Advantageous shopping!

  • Pretty mascot
"Mireaux ton"
We are appearing frequently in Shinjuku MYLORD?

We are connected directly from the Shinjuku Station south exit!

Shinjuku MYLORD is fashion-business building of direct connection from the Shinjuku Station south exit! Can do shopping without getting wet in the rain even on bad day of weather, and it is at all feature that is easy to access;.

.which looks forward to your visit by fashion, cosmetics, store specializing in gifts and cafe & restaurant and wide lineup

A lot of stores which held down trend!

In addition,.which we introduce item which each shop recommends every season or seasonal fashion coordinates to in 2F floor

(exhibition simultaneous even as for the Web) .that events may be held by season Please check;.

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Restaurant & cafe available in various ways is 24 stores!

As for restaurant & cafe of Shinjuku MYLORD, Italian, Chinese food, cafe & sweets and all 24 stores available in various ways entertain customer in Japanese and Western food!
For lunch and dinner, girls-only gathering and tea party with mom friends, wait with friend, nomad work, please use restaurant & cafe of Shinjuku MYLORD;.

.that restaurant floor of 7 - 9F is open Mall 2F "Hawaiian Pancake Factory" mosaic street "OMG!CAFE" "Mr. FARMER" until 23:00

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Using "OP card"
  Advantageous shopping!

Advantageous card.which "OP card" accumulates point in various shops joining Odakyu point service, and is usable
.which is advantageous, and can do shopping using point that we accumulate point by shopping and meal and further saved happily

In addition, at the time of OP card point 10% campaign, we usually improve to 1% of cash payment, place, 10% of credit payment 5%! In year several times of chances without passing over!

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We are appearing frequently in cute mascot "Mireaux ton" Shinjuku MYLORD?

The name:
Mireaux ton (MYLORTON)
Pisces born in March 10
Blood type:
Probably of type B feel like…
Shopping pig (as for the new kind of aardvark? As for the details, still missing)

Fashion and shopping pig.which shopping likes which appear frequently in Shinjuku MYLORD well Character is always diligent in anything in positive thought brightly!
Though is own pace basically, is place that is hasty, and is hasty type, do newly; curious. .which relates to fashion in particular, and has a sharp sense of smell We love oneself and are proud of round eyes and cute buttocks, pink skin♪

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