Social media policy

.that Odakyu SC development (called "us" as follows) observes this policy on using social media

In social media disseminate information; awareness and responsibility about correspondence

The unspecified number of users being accessible to disseminating information on the Internet and information that we disclosed once on the network are completely.which they disseminate information of to social media after having understood what we cannot delete enough
.which we warn to note that information and correspondence to send through social media not a little affect the world, and not to give misunderstanding

Mental attitude that we deal with social media participation

.which listens to voice of customer without forgetting posture of attentive hearing, and is conscious of action that we disseminate information, and there is responsibility that good sense is always in conformity with our "management philosophy"

The observance of laws and ordinances, internal official regulations

.which observes official regulations or action manual which laws and ordinances and we establish on disseminating information in the company .that we do not perform act to violate copyright, right of likeness, honor of third party in particular, other rights

About the use of social media

.which sets guidelines separately from this policy about the use of social media, and carries out education to employee

Guidance and request to customer and users

In characteristic of social media, information sent to does not express necessarily official opinion. .which information is thing at the time of dispatch, and may be changed afterwards Please be careful;. .which we disseminate information of in our website and news release about official announcement In addition, please note that correspondence method varies according to accounts;.

Social media Terms of Use

Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (called "us" as follows.) This is Twitter (, LINE@(, instagram( to run
.which determines Terms of Use (called "these terms" as follows.) as follows In addition, about these terms, please note that may change without notice;.


  1. We do not guarantee content posted on our social media about accuracy, integrity, usefulness of information not our dictum.
  2. .that we do not take responsibility for contents that user in our social media posted
  3. .which does not take responsibility about our having used our social media or the damage that occurred in user by not having been available
  4. We are users or.which does not take responsibility about the damage that occurred to user or third party by trouble between user and third parties
  5. We do not reply to all of comment, contributions for our social media.
  6. In addition,.which cannot answer about inquiries for comment posted by user

Range, prohibition matter (rule of deletion) of contribution

.that user shall not have to perform the following acts other than act to prohibit with other articles of these terms on using this site In addition,.which may block deletion and account of contribution when contents of comment posted by user correspond to the following matters

  1. Thing.which is unrelated for our social media .which did not comply with purpose or was judged to be inappropriate
  2. Slander us, other companies or third party, and slander, and let lose the trust, or; can cause.
  3. We can identify personal information that does not get consent of the person.
  4. It is against public order and morals.
  5. We violate copyright or other intellectual property rights of us, other companies or third party or might violate.
  6. It is act.for the purpose of profit using our social media
  7. Upload.of file including harmful computer virus
  8. Signature and legal indication were deleted.
  9. forging author names
  10. The political use such as election campaigns or religious propagation activity and invitation.
  11. We let you promote discrimination against specific race or thought, creed or discrimination.
  12. We incite illegal act tied to information to commit law act or crime.
  13. We promote rumor and them assuming supposition without grounds.
  14. We might give judgment of reader misunderstanding, mistake.
  15. Act.which judges that we are inappropriate in our social media

About copyright

.which or shall not have to send reproduction, distribution, publication, the public for the purpose of other than private use in domestic limited range about any information, contents that user obtained through our social media personally In addition,.which shall not have to use information, contents in applicable service in other Copyright Act without permission across accepted range
.which belongs to user where copyright, trademark of posted contents, all right of likeness or other rights performed the contribution concerned But.which should agree to it was nonexclusive in contribution contents in the whole world and was free, and user should consent to right to do use (reproduction, processing, exhibition) for us if and when user posted and not using copyright for us

Governing law and competent court

.which both sides talk with about the use of this service between us and user in all sincerity when problem that cannot be solved by this user terms occurs, and shall solve this In addition, when need of suit occurs about the use of this service without solving after problem occurring, and having discussed in all sincerity, is exclusive jurisdiction court of the first trial and.doing in Tokyo District Court

Official account

.which sends information about these facilities in official account at any time Account operator is this.providing equipment There is no end plan currently about administration period.