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Tales by Ray Cassin


Lifestyle miscellaneous goods, gift

Tales by Ray Cassin
As for housedress, room fragrance or the life miscellaneous goods,
.that some daily life suggest item becoming rich happily

Tokyo empty house

Mosaic Street

Lifestyle miscellaneous goods, gift

It is dispatch.bay "Tokyo souvenir" that newness intersects nostalgia in keyword in "Japan in Asia" "scramble of culture"
.which we develop to bag and pouch of discerning design miscellaneous goods which we want to choose as gift mainly on classic souvenir miscellaneous goods including pouch and handkerchief and daily use widely
.that vivid and nostalgic limited item which increased "a feeling of Asian present air" in design is prepared


Mosaic Street

Gift & goods, flower

We have a selection of flower arrangement items, interior plants and preserved flowers as well as various different gifts and everyday decorative flowers.
This flower shop has a full lineup of picks and cards which you can choose to add so you can enjoy the fun of selecting and the joy of giving.
When coming home from work or going out on your day off
stop by Reconnel for your flower and plant needs.


Mosaic Street

Gifts, merchandise and Japanese sundries

.that Japanese's way of living changes with the times On the other hand,.which beautiful lifestyle that came out of climate climate and custom peculiar to Japan succeeds
Koiki is a new Japanese brand which harmonizes Japanese beauty with modern styling to create souvenirs which are fun and casual.
It is.for important person It is also.for oneself -Enjoy the high quality, new and functional Tokyo miyage style.


Mall 2F

Gift & goods, life miscellaneous goods

NATURAL KITCHEN & is interior goods shop offers adorable sundries and kitchen items starting from 100 yen (tax excluded).
The “&” in the name NATURAL KITCHEN & connects us with you the customer, your family and your favorite items.



Gift miscellaneous goods

BIRTHDAY.which there is 365 days
Birthday coming to anyone is chance of present!
It is gift.that this is because it is celebration and is thanks and cheers up, and can make feeling into form
Though it is fun, search for present will have the other party please from the heart! As much as it becomes earnest in this, it is difficult.
BIRTHDAY BAR helps with every effort! .which of course we are particular about lapping and study as it is select shop of gift As gift is important communication tool…



Fashion variety select shop

ITS’DEMO is a women’s fashion store offering products and services for working women on their way to and from work based on the ideas of short moments of joy, consideration and support.



Life miscellaneous goods

LoFt is packed with various different special seasonal items in a small space. The popular make-up simulator has also come to LoFt for the first time.
See how you look trying out the latest makeup, cosmetics and the makeup of your favorite models.

bao bab fleur


Gift & goods, interior

We offer a mix of adorable and playful styles based on natural tastes, clothing accessories such as bags, rain goods, watches and other accessories as well as other items including stationary and scents.
Our wide selection of items for women with natural styles isn’t showy or childish.
Please come to the store for selection of gift to friend;.