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It is ’ in a time that is "Take a Laline moment" = ’ rarin

Place.which comfortable flavor of Laline (rarin) and pure white space reset everyday busyness, and meets oneself new While it is wrapped in blessings of nature and easy flavor, heart is the world of bounding Laline, and do you not find quality of oneself?

.which suggests lifestyle to have you sense healthy, happy life that Laline makes oneself and people of the circumference smile through product of rarimburando bodily
.which thinks that it is mission of Laline that that is "Take a Laline moment", and spread that to all people




.which will provide product lineup that make is unique from skin care to makeup item in concept in thing ’ Makeup Play ’ to enjoy as play to be excited about not obvious custom, and is sweet
.that it comes true "to be pretty" that only you is special if it is etude house




This full body skin care shop provides baby-like smooth and silky skin for vibrant women who want to maintain beautiful skin.
Our select products refine your skin head to toe using the blessings of nature based on formulas which apply as little pressure to your skin as possible.
We also offer seasonal products and events throughout the year for a fun and relaxed lifestyle.


Mosaic Street

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AVEDA develops, produces and sells products such as hair care and skin care products based on plant-based ingredients. We are celebrating our 28th anniversary this year taking initiatives in beauty and science born from flower and plant essence. We have 5 directly-run locations and 175 directly-run shops in 23 countries and regions and our products are available at around 7,000 partner hair salons run by third parties. In 2003, the directly-run shop AVEDA Lifestyle Salon & Spa Minami Aoyama opened in Japan. We have currently expanded to over 110 hair salons nationwide focusing on Tokyo. AVEDA Shop Shinjuku (does not include a hair salon or spa) is a new type of shop carrying AVEDA products and offering various types of information. This is the 2nd shop of its kind in the world after the New York Grand Central Station location. The interior takes maximum consideration towards the environment with its eco-design following AVEDA’s original Green Design Standards.

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Mosaic Street

Cosmetics, miscellaneous goods



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“Feel free to be yourself.” Fashion creator Mary Quant who released the mini skirt in the 1950s created a worldwide culture movement known as Swinging London with her own creative spirit. MARY QUANT items are filled with the idea of expressing your true self and becoming even more radiant.
Every women’s own unique creative and intuitive qualities.